Narnia and Religion.

I’ve just been watching The Chronicles of Narnia and it occurred to me that Disney, and maybe even C.S Lewis himself, portrays Aslan as a God?

Aslan is always overseeing major events, Lucy asks for help (in thought, like a prayer) and a sign is sent and the strongest signal I found was at the end of the final film where Aslan now has his own country, and he says, “ill always be with you, even if it’s by a different name” and how the children can’t go back to Narnia now they’re too old? It’s a little like a story you’d tell your children in order to ease them into a much bigger idea. For example the birds and the bees very quickly become condoms and safe sex!

Also the way Aslan is filmed: there’s always a golden ray of sunshine behind him making his mane look gloriously healthy and beautiful much like many people imagine God to have that holy light behind him. To portray Aslan as a majestic lion, king of the jungle just speaks for itself: the ruler of the land.

It’s just really shocked me how religion has been leaked into a Disney film. I think I’ll have to look a little deeper into some of these films now. I’m actually disappointed. Ruined Narnia for me.


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My boyfriend sent me these links yesterday and the guy speaking is very poetic and what he’s actually saying is immensely thought provoking.

Society has shaped us into thinking education is the key to success and that without it; we are bound for failure. But that’s not exactly true is it now. Bill Gates. Steven Spielberg. Mark Zuckerberg.

I hate to think that all of these endless hours of studying, worrying and sleepless nights are for nothing and I can’t help thinking… could I have avoided all of this? Could I succeed without education and qualifications?

“If you don’t build your dreams, someone else will hire you to help you build theirs.”

Of course, you have to start somewhere in order to develop your dreams and fund your way to the top…

“There’s nothing wrong with making an honest living, but be honest, are you honestly living?”

…but you shouldn’t have to stay in the same run-down job for the rest of your life. Of course, if you’re happy where you are, stay.

There’s a difference between a career and a job. Someone with a career has met their goal and living their dream. A job should only be temporary. You want to enjoy what you do, you want to smile when you get up in the morning and before you know it, you’re not working, you’re simply enjoying life and getting paid for it.

There’s so many ways to succeed in life and not everyone has done it through education. The system is changing for the economy,. Not for you, not for your dreams and not neccessarily to help you. To them, you’re just a number, you’re just part of the workers who help to run the system. We need ot make decisons and create paths for ourselves without being steered by those around you. It’s almost like a mask. You think they’re benefiting you but they’re only doing what they’ve learnt to do, what they’ve been told to do and how they’ve been shaped by the world they inhabit.

We’re just part of a huge machine and few have escaped.

It’s hard.


Beyoncé is at it AGAIN…


World domination. That is what Beyonce and her PR team are on right now. Since the beginning of 2013, Beyonce and her likeness has been seen everywhere much to her haters dismay.

Thanks to the Instagram account @Beylite, we’ve got a first look at what could be the singer’s first Vogue UK cover. Dressed in a blue-and-white striped Jonathan Saunders cropped top and blue sequined skirt, Bey is seen striking a pose for the glossy’s possible May 2013 issue. Could her daughter Blue Ivy be the inspiration behind this shoot?

We are three months into the year and the 31-year-old superstar has already graced the covers of GQ, American Vogue and Shape. She also has her Mrs. Carter world tour kicking off next month. I guess she won’t stop until we all ‘bow down’…Werk Bey!



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Not so long ago in Sociology, a couple of lads were messing about and they decided to question the tutor about girl’s periods.


Of course she went through the basics but then she went into some detail I’ve not heard about before and it made me question my whole outlook on everything!

So, as you know, on a monthly basis, a girl is supposed to bleed for a few days or a whole week and it should be continuous for.. ever I guess but of course there’s often complications and contraception methods etc etc. Anyway, the week after she has stopped bleeding, she’s supposed to be pretty normal and chilled out, completely themselves. The week following is when they’re most sexually aroused, they be bugging the boyfriends more etc you catch my drift. The final week of the month is the grouchy, annoyed ‘why is the world trying to piss me off so much’ week and then we’re back to the beginning.

Now I realised that this may not apply to everyone but for the majority it is supposed to and this means, for only one week a month, around four months a year, a girl is allowed to be herself. The rest of the year is confusion, pain and a purely hatred attitude. What the hell. This isn’t fair! In addition to this, we’re back to the girls with ‘problems’ and so they’re even more messed up! Also, none of this is including: childbirth, menopause and whatever else struggles we go through in our lifetimes! We have it hard. So hard. And these bodily issues don’t make it any easier!

I got so annoyed hearing this.

And that had nothing to do with my cycle.

…I don’t think.


Marriage Equality.

Nastassia Davis' Blog

Why can’t two people in love legally be together? What’s it to someone else how a couple wants to spend their lives? Those claiming to be standing for God’s word, how is supporting “love” against God’s word? God is love. Love does not discriminate. No matter who finds it. Everyone should have equal rights. Plain and simple.

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.” – Jimi Hendrix

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That Lady.


Just remembered something.

When I was younger and living in Hastings, there was a lady who lived under us (we were in a flat) who was always out going for a walk with her babies but Mum never let me look inside the pushchair. At the time I thought nothing of it and just carried on with whatever it was I was doing.

I few years later I asked Mum about that lady and she told me her story. She lived in a house before she moved to the flats but there was a massive fire that swallowed everything she owned along with her children. She obviously was greatly traumatised by this and ever since, she used to carry on going for walks but with little dolls inside the pushchair.

Made me think, she must have been so traumatised and it affected her so much that she actually believed that these dolls were alive as she honestly did treat them as though they were real. Buying them clothes, changing nappies, singing to them.

Really sad story.

I’m also sat here reminiscing about my yellow slide. Had some really great times on that!


Eugene Atget.

I’ve recently fallen in love with the great French photographer: Eugene Atget.

I think his work is beautiful and the quality of light he includes in his work is impeccable. For my work I had to immitate his style and I was drawn to his Paris collection but this damn English weather wouldn’t allow me to do so and so I explored his other series of work such as Stairs and Canals.

I feel it’s such a shame that many artists and photographers only gain recognition after they have passed and so cannot bathe in their own greatness. Atget lived a simple life living on very little money. He used to take photos and sell them to painters for a living and he used huge glass plates for his work as the images were much clearer for the artists to work from.

I think he’s great and he has been an inspiration to many, including myself.


28th March 2013

I’m going to apologise for not being very active yesterday, coursework deadlines have arrived and admittedly I may have fallen behind a little. A-Levels are all easy going until the second you start to go lenient on yourself – trust me. Now I’ve got to put loads of hard work in throughout Easter. *sigh*.

Anyway yesterday evening I took a break and went cinema with my boyfriend to watch G.I.Joe and oh my goodness was it worth going. It’s amazing! Action packed the whole way through with plenty of muscle and skin on show ;). Through the entire 1 hour and 50 minutes my eyes were glued, simply amazing. Just what I needed! Quality time to catch up with my boyfriend and some good entertainment with minimal effort ;).

After the film, we took a trip down to subway and got a footlong ( to split ) and 12 cookies and a hot chocolate for £7 😱 so goooood. Got back and munched out while doing coursework until bloody 2 in the morning! Dedication right there. Actually it was probably more guilt…

I’m pretty annoyed at this moment. My cereal ran out yesterday but there was two yogurts left so I was like okay ill have them for breakfast this morning. But no. Someone ate them. I’m
Not eating left over cookies and coffee. Belly my feeling too good…


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