IMG_0113So far, I’ve been trying to navigate myself around this website/blog for over two hours and I still have absolutely no idea what I’m doing. Really think there should be more tutorial videos? Even youtube is confusing me?

The whole reason why I have been meaning to create a bog is because in the not too distant future I really would like to be some sort of journalist – fashion preferably – and I thought the best way to start practising my writing was through some sort of ACTUAL writing and not just thinking about all the great things I could be doing! Nothing great ever comes from just sitting around and doing nothing, action is needed!

Not only do I want to be a fashion journalist, I’m really interested in photography and I currently study it at college. The two link fairly nicely, as does the fact that my greatest dream would be to travel every corner of the globe and experience all types of cultures and learn about the way they are, how they work etc. This explains my interest in sociology I guess..!

It’s obvious my writing techniques need to be more refined and I need to stop rambling on and on but… it all takes time!

Hope that I can work this pretty soon, think it’ll be fun!



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