Hong Kong.

Monkey Mountain

rgest Buddha in the Worrrld !

A Symphony of Lights

A Symphony of Lights

So Pretty

Over the AirportDamn. I need a holiday.

I’m sick of being pale, looking malnourished and simply: unhealthy.

I went to Hong Hong early last year and I genuinely had the time of my life! It was the first time visiting my mother land and I can’t wait to return. The food was magical, the atmosphere was claustrophobic with excitement (and literally..claustrophobic) and as soon as they opened those plane doors I welcomed the muggy, moist air and made way for my two week break. It really was a magical moment…

My Dad’s going again at the end of this year I think, after visiting Barcelona (stag night), Japan and Thailand the lucky bugger. Work hard and you can go places.. MOTIVATION hahah.

My friend is currently In Portugal, after returning from Belgium a few days earlier and then to venture in Morocco a week after Portugal! Lucky for some ey! ;D



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