Red Nose Day.


So, most people are being rammed with buckets, followed on the streets, being shouted at and constantly being reminded that yes; red nose day has arrived.

I remmeber back in the day when I was so excited about buying the red nose that never fitted, getting those immensely cool stckers and sitting down with friends and family at seven o clock in the evening, BBC1 and watching the show commense. I even remember once growing a little tree (which shortly died) with a red nose day sticker on it, to which I loved doing I’m not even going to lie…

However, now I look upon this event with a slight pessimistic view. We raise millions and millions every year and yet we are still pressured into donating more and more and feeling higely selfish the moment we refuse to empty out a few coins and notes. But where does it go? I mean really go. We’re told that £3 can buy a mosqito net for those in need and £1 can buy a good meal (not exactly but you get the jist) but really? Around £5,000,000 yearly?

I for one don’t actually believe that we are completely sure where the money goes. Does all of it go to where we think? Or is some of it kept back for those greedy people who sit on top of us all?

It’s really upsetting and I can’t let this issue lye dow3n without expressing a couple of my opinions. I’ve never actually seen a sheet showing how the money has been spent and to be honest even if I was shown one I doubt I’d fully believe it anyway. Not helpful I know…

Who even deals with this enormous sum of money?




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