Jessie J.

The comic relief show was touching as always but asides from looking into the lives of those whom are less fortunate to ourselves, we all knew another reason as to why we was watching: Jessie J was to shave off her hair!

I honestly thought she was going to chicken out! For a woman, I guess it’s quite a huge thing to shave off your hair and due to Jessie’s trademark bangs and bob I thought it might be difficult for her but nope. Oh no. She sat through the whole thing with a huge smile on her face. She is truly a woman who believes in a cause and I found it to be such an emotional and inspirational moment.

Before she actually did the deed, there was a few jitters heard where she was conscious about her earlobes! She thought one was bigger than the other due to the heavy set earrings she wears often and of course that set a few giggles going!

However I think she looks absolutely amazing and it could be a trend to follow! I mean, a few daring people have followed Amber Roses blonde baldness and there are plenty of models out there stunting the hairless look and they look stunning! I’m assuming its all about face structures and you have to have strong features to carry off this look but ad I said; it could be an upcoming trend!

Be on the lookout 😉


20130316-071216 PM.jpg


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