St Patricks Day.

I don’t know about any of you out there but I for one knew of St Patricks Day but never actually knew the reasoning behind it and so I did a little research.

The whole idea for March 17th was to commemorate St Patrick as he entered heaven and also the arrival of Christianity in Ireland. There’s supposed to be a great big feast but due to this year it being on a Sunday, you could have the feast on another day.

The green themes of everything I think originates from the shamrock? Originally St Patrick was associated with blue but it was said he explained the trinity of Christianity with a shamrock and so it stuck.

Now you know the reasoning behind it all, go back to enjoying carnivals, beer and anything else you were doing!

Happy St Paddys Day everyone ;D


20130317-094504 AM.jpg


3 thoughts on “St Patricks Day.

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