My Daily Dilemma.

One of my serious pet peeves is not knowing what to wear.

It all depends on who you’re meeting, where you’re going, the chance of bumping into someone, feeling comfortable both comfy-wise and style wise an there’s so many more factors in relation to these!

Right now I’m sitting in my room, fresh from a crud Monday morning at college wearing leggings and a huge black modern warfare jumper that is too big for my muscle bound boyfriend; let alone me!

However it’s acceptable for college and even more so for an 8:30 start BUT I’m meeting my dad soon and I doubt he’ll want to see his daughter in such attire…

So what do I do?

Currently in Nottingham, England, it’s a fairly depressing sight outside with clusters of miserable clouds and a high chance of rain. This means hair up, a can of hairspray, minimal make up (as usual when seeing dad), dark clothing is acceptable as is a slightly more casual attire.

I’m being drawn towards a thermal under a denim shirt (long) and a pair of leggings. Quite like the sound of that. BUT my heads small so the long shirt will make me look funny when my hairs up and what coat? WHAT COAT

I give up.


20130318-115403 AM.jpg


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