Morning Coffee.

I love a good coffee.

Whether is be from a great Italian cafe or just in the comfort of my home, coffee is great.

I don’t know about you but my daily coffee in the morning allows me to just take a step out for a bit as just think about what I want from the day ahead, what I plan to achieve and what to avoid.

This morning I’m planning what to wear for college, taking the time out to see my boyfriend, what to do at lunch but I’m also pondering on what happened yesterday – something I need to stop doing.

Aside from the stab in the back and shock I experienced yesterday, an opportunity also arose. I was having lunch with dad and I was telling him how I planned to start writing reviews and how I might review the restaurant we were eating at at the time. He said it was a good idea and that I should ask the manager of I’d be allowed to come back another day and take some picture with my proper camera rather than my phone. He agreed to it and then as we were leaving, he asked me if I could design websites, I said I’ve had experience and left my number. Hopefully this is what I’ve been waiting for? I’m tired of searching for jobs and constantly getting rejected.

Good things come to those who wait right?


20130319-084837 AM.jpg


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