Vibe BlackAir Zip In-Ear Headphones.

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I was recently bought some new in-ear headphones (thanks Dad xxx) with reviews of them being comfortable, great for those on the move and with ‘extreme bass’ recommended for hip hop and R’n’B music genres in particular – but an all rounder really.

Now when I first received the box, the first thing that caught my eye was the unusual zip effect and the nice little ‘zipper-bit’ dangling off it. My face lit up as I knew that these must be reasonably new out and that there weren’t going to be that many people around with something like these and it’s too early for any fakes to be made! I’d be the first.

It’s been a few days since I got these so I’ve had plenty of time to try them out (especially since I’m constantly listening to music everywhere I go) and here is what I’ve found…

They are really heavy and so I can’t actually wear them with the zip at the front of me because it literally drags them out. I’ve been forced to drape them round my neck but then the whole coolness of the zip is lost unfortunately. However, with me always on the go and my earphones always in and out of pockets, bags, wrapped round my phone etc. it’s really handy that they don’t tangle. You can literally just whip them out and plug them straight into your ears without having to fiddle about with the massive knot they’ve gotten into for seemingly endless minutes! It instantly brightens your mood a little ;).

Irritatingly, the hype about the bass is just an advertising statement to make you want to buy them.  Apart from the clarity of the voices of the mucisians, the quality of the music is pretty standard.

This is my first time properly reviewing something so please don’t critisise too cruely but constructive criticism would be appreciated!

You can purchase these from John Lewis, House of Fraser, Halfords and other local places including many online stores. Prices range from £10-£45.


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