Magic hour in Regent’s Park

light can sometimes be so magical.

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As days get longer, I tend to spend more time outdoors, mainly perambulating around Regent’s Park, my favourite place in London. Once Henry VIII’s hunting grounds, it now provides an ideal habitat for local geese, swans, and ducks, and has a boating lake, a rose circle, an outdoor theatre, ornamental gardens, and lovely ponds. It is also the only place in Central London where you can see hedgehogs – a delightful treat for my urbanite soul!

I often find myself in this incredibly beautiful and tranquil spot after work, during what photographers call the golden hour (or the magic hour), the time when the sun is just below the horizon and the quality of light is outstanding, producing a soft mesmerizing glow in the background with elongated tree shadows and less contrasted subjects.

These are taken with my phone, no filters and no software. Just a moment of magical light.

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