Kat Dahlia.


Earlier this week I discovered the amazingly, talented, one and only Kat Dahlia. I liked her instantly as her voice just sounds so rugged and when they say “use your voice as a weapon” well she’s definately learnt that skill. She’s simply enchanting and her lyrics are something I can really relate to and there’s a really beautiful, meaningful quality behind her music.

Her birth name is Katriana Huguet and she was born in 1991 Miami, USa. She’s of Cuban American descent and has apparently been around since 2011. I think ‘Gangsta’ was her first major hit but she has several mixtapes out before hand.

The lyrics below are of the three songs that have constantly been on repeat all week and they show several different sides to her where she has really expressed herself and I just feel that she, unlike many artists out there, doesn’t just write and perform music for the fun of it, but she feels the beat properly and actually considers what her lyrics do to people out there. Much love.


“You say you a gangsta, but that don’t impress me none
You say you a gangsta, ain’t seen a thing you done
I do it all on myself, I ain’t getting help
From no one, from no one.”


“Well, I don’t know the price of your roof
But the first of the month we all pay our dues
When the rain falls it don’t rain on a few
When the sun shine it don’t shine just on you

I don’t know the monsters you knew
But I’m trying to forget the ones I met too

Baby you could help me
Baby I could help you

You look at me and you see what I see
Because your looking in the mirror
When your with me there’s no use in hiding
Because you’re looking in the mirror”

Money Party ft Polly Ahttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0HasRiXBQQk

“What goes to clouds one life we got
Roof caving in, we about to drop
Put the worries down, drop it like it’s hot
Show me the money, money, money,
Wanna party party party
Three shots in, not one regret
Looking out my one, till it fills again
Got a cutie in my face asking have we met?
I got the money, money, money
Wanna party, party, party”


Damn I love this girl.




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