L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil.

I love freebies and the whole idea of ‘try before you buy’. I’m completely for it, it’s brilliant!

So I was on one of my beloved freebie sites studentbeans.com and I came accross the Loreal Extraordinary Oil free sample and I instantly clicked and ordered. Now my hair is long, quite thick and takes a lot of looking after. This was my decision to grow it long and yes I’ve had experience with short hair: bad experiences. Very bad.

I’ve noticed that when writing, I end up going on very large tangents so that’s something I will have to stop. Apologies. Shit there I go again.

ANYWAY. The directions say to add a few drops before shampooing. HOLD UP. Isn’t it normally before conditioning AFTER shampooing? Maybe it’s foreign thought I but NO I’d do what it says and so I added ‘a few drops’ (which is hard to measure since it’s in a packet…) to dry unwashed hair and then tied up my hair as it says to leave on for 5-10 minutes.

I’m not going to lie, I’m glad I did what it said because not only did it smell really nice, I could actually feel the oil working on my hair. I’d say it almost clung to my ends (where I applied it most) even though I doubted it when I was shampooing?! Mental.

Now I don’t usually blow dry my hair becuase of fear or split ends but I knew that for a good review I literally have to do everything it says. I added a few more ‘drops’ to my hair and blow dried. It smelt amazing. It felt amazing. I was impressed.

The following morning I added another ‘few drops’ onto my hair (mainly the ends) and I honestly wanted to whizz round the house like “smell my hair! Smell my hair” it smelt as good as it looked.

Unfortunately it’s not as ‘extraordinary as it states though, or maybe I just didn’t out enough on? I just didn’t feel that the oil did anything but smell nice? It smoothes everything out for a coupole of hours but the dryness returns fairly quickly and so I guess you’ll have to keep applying for the strength most people went.

I’d rate it a 5/10 taking into consideration the price for a full bottle also ( £7-£9).


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