Phenomenal Women: Part One.

Throughout yesterday afternoon and evening I attended an event at Nottingham’s Playhouse: Phenomenal Women.

Six of Nottingham’s most inspiring, cultured women came together to provide a crowd of people with empowerment workshops, hair demonstrations, live music and also BeatFeet drumming workshops.

It was presented by Cultural Vibrations (Unity Through Music) and featured promoter and life coach Rastarella, author Caroline Bell-Foster, stylists Shayaa and Royal Natty, with live music from Hannah Heartshape and Jude Winwood on the kora.

I had a really lovely time and the message behind the evening was one driven by a group of powerful women with a goal. I joined the group during the ’empowerment workshop’ but only for a short amount of time and what I heard was the idea of ‘living loud’. Now I might get this wrong, and apologies for anyone involved reading, (feel free to comment and correct!) but to my understanding, it’s about not keeping shy ideas for the future. If you have an idea and you feel it could work, then it’s just about getting involved with the right people who can provide a starting base for you and provide you with connections to the right people and your business or talent would grow from there. In this case, the right people would be Rastarella and Caroline Bell-Foster whom are very lovely, friendly and down to earth people who enjoy helping others out there and have years of experience behind them building up a profile for themselves. There was one woman who has a gorgeous collection of handmade jewellery and she still needs help getting the hang of promoting herself via social media sites. The whole group got involved helping, explaining and it was great to watch someone blossom – without being patronising!

Another aspect of the evening, possibly my favourite, was jewellery making. It was run by a woman called Morag (aplogies if mis-spelt) and she brung in a heap of gorgeously patterned material and a whole selection of beads and tools for jewellery making.

We had a choice of making a ‘story’ of bracelets, a necklace or some earrings. I wear earrings more than any other piece of jewellery and I loved the set she had made beforehand and so my mind was set. All her collections have a vibrant colour scheme to them and some of the patterns reflect quite an African, tribal look. I want to say they have a ‘homemade’ look but that’s just obvious – but jewellery you find in shops that look almost battered  and worn in already? It’s hard to describe! I love her unique products and how she goes about recycling fashion into modern looking jewellery suitable for everyday use and appealing to all generations!

Below are images of the earrings I made. I might write a ‘how to’ on making such earrings in the future, if requested? 😉



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