Cadburys Highlights.


Normally I buy the little sachets of options hot chocolate and they’re really good! But I decided to try something different for a change and four for £1 is the same price I usually pay so why not ?

Night one: I dipped my hand into my little treat box and the first one I pulled out was the fudge (yay). Compared to the ‘options’ sachets, these contain a lot more powder and so I was expecting it to be quite thick but unfortunately not – or maybe I added too much water? I was also dissapointed about the lack of ‘fudgeness’ involved. It tasted like a ormal hot chocolate with a very slight after taste of fudge. But barely. I was so dissapointed. Luckily the season finale of Pretty Little Liars made up for it! So much love for Toby ❤

Night two: Bourneville! So gooood. Not bitter and a really nice smoothness to it. I’ve never really been a fan of dark chocolate but I’m getting used to it. Wish the calorie content was less so I could eat more… But then I say that to pretty much everything…

Night Three: Tonight I haven’t done so much as a lucky dip, I really did fancy caramel and the aroma was heavenly. As soon as you open the packet poof! But again the consistency was weak and much like water. I prefer thick chocolate. Maybe I should put two sachets per cup…

Night Four: The original milk chocolate! Pretty standard but yet again not satisfying enough. I’m really disappointed with these hot chocolates, think ill stick with Options in the future. I recommend you do too, there’s also more of a choice so that’s always a bonus!



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