The Jeremy Kyle Show.


As much as I love a bit of ol’ Jezzer to fill my free periods during college, I can’t help but wonder about the people that apply and actually go onto the show?

Now we all know that it’s normally the typical working class (ha. Ironnyyyy), pathetic and somewhat hillarious people’s business that we stick our noses into and yes, there’s some secret satisfaction involved. Normally there’s a lie detector, paternity test and some theraputic chatting by Mr Kyle. However I for one, probably not the only one, can’t help but sit back and wonder why. Why can’t you all sit down like civilised people and talk through your problems? Why do you feel the need to make embarrassments of yourselves on daytime TV?

Another thing that annoys me is YOU KNOW YOU’RE GOING TO BE ON TV SO MAKE AN EFFORT WITH YOUR APPEARANCE. PLEASE. I don’t know…maybe it’s just me? If I was going on a show where I knew thousands of people up and down the UK would be judging my story and my character; I’d make a bloody effort to look good.

If you don’t trust your partner then you shouldn’t be with them. Standard fact of life. Actually, if you don’t feel like you can rely on anyone to be telling the truth: stay the hell away.

Just thought I’d grab something to rant about!



2 thoughts on “The Jeremy Kyle Show.

  1. Its like a modern day gladiator theatre with lions etc except wild animals usually don’t sit down and compromise.

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