My boyfriend sent me these links yesterday and the guy speaking is very poetic and what he’s actually saying is immensely thought provoking.

Society has shaped us into thinking education is the key to success and that without it; we are bound for failure. But that’s not exactly true is it now. Bill Gates. Steven Spielberg. Mark Zuckerberg.

I hate to think that all of these endless hours of studying, worrying and sleepless nights are for nothing and I can’t help thinking… could I have avoided all of this? Could I succeed without education and qualifications?

“If you don’t build your dreams, someone else will hire you to help you build theirs.”

Of course, you have to start somewhere in order to develop your dreams and fund your way to the top…

“There’s nothing wrong with making an honest living, but be honest, are you honestly living?”

…but you shouldn’t have to stay in the same run-down job for the rest of your life. Of course, if you’re happy where you are, stay.

There’s a difference between a career and a job. Someone with a career has met their goal and living their dream. A job should only be temporary. You want to enjoy what you do, you want to smile when you get up in the morning and before you know it, you’re not working, you’re simply enjoying life and getting paid for it.

There’s so many ways to succeed in life and not everyone has done it through education. The system is changing for the economy,. Not for you, not for your dreams and not neccessarily to help you. To them, you’re just a number, you’re just part of the workers who help to run the system. We need ot make decisons and create paths for ourselves without being steered by those around you. It’s almost like a mask. You think they’re benefiting you but they’re only doing what they’ve learnt to do, what they’ve been told to do and how they’ve been shaped by the world they inhabit.

We’re just part of a huge machine and few have escaped.

It’s hard.



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