Narnia and Religion.

I’ve just been watching The Chronicles of Narnia and it occurred to me that Disney, and maybe even C.S Lewis himself, portrays Aslan as a God?

Aslan is always overseeing major events, Lucy asks for help (in thought, like a prayer) and a sign is sent and the strongest signal I found was at the end of the final film where Aslan now has his own country, and he says, “ill always be with you, even if it’s by a different name” and how the children can’t go back to Narnia now they’re too old? It’s a little like a story you’d tell your children in order to ease them into a much bigger idea. For example the birds and the bees very quickly become condoms and safe sex!

Also the way Aslan is filmed: there’s always a golden ray of sunshine behind him making his mane look gloriously healthy and beautiful much like many people imagine God to have that holy light behind him. To portray Aslan as a majestic lion, king of the jungle just speaks for itself: the ruler of the land.

It’s just really shocked me how religion has been leaked into a Disney film. I think I’ll have to look a little deeper into some of these films now. I’m actually disappointed. Ruined Narnia for me.


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