Every now and then I go onto 4OD (thank God for catch up TV) and I watch some sort of documentary when there’s nothing else on TV. Now tonight, I watched ‘I Am Slave‘ and it has really touched me. Throughout this documentary I found myself wincing in pain, hiding away from the screen and also crying with both joy and great sadness. It takes you on a rollercoaster of a ride but it also serves as an eye opener. I for one didn’t know that the slave trade still exists today in modern Britain but it does. With over 5,000 in London and 20,000 in Sudan alone, many villages are attacked and children are stolen in order to be sold and captivated for the rest of their lives.

This woman survived six years and when her chance finally came, she didn’t half run! It’s scary how it’s still ongoing and the traumas some go through.

I urge you to watch this, it’s important to always help those in need and to not be ignorant and simply ignore cries for help.




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