2nd April 2013.

Ahh finally I’m safe, comfortable and fully relaxed.

I’m home.

I arrived back in Battle at 2’o’clock this afternoon and it has been one long and tiresome day. I had a restless night’s sleep and then I woke up to my alarm at 7 and started to get ready for my train. I managed to squeeze everything into my suitcase and get ready in record time and even considering my early awakening, I was feeling pretty darn good for 8 in the morning!

I dragged my suitcase and other bag to the station, collected my tickets, a boarded the train and nervously awaited the ticket person to come and assure me that I was safe to ride the train the St. Pancrass. Okay, I admit it, I bought a child ticket. Don’t think I’ve actually ever bought the right adult one but in my opinion: I’m still a child ^_^. Anyway, hey ho, I got away with it (I sneakily caught a  glimpse of the ticket lady,  as I pretended to be asleep, through my curtain of hair, take a look at my ticket, me and then quickly move on).

The 5 hour train journey was long, exhausting and downright … boring. It was full of delays, four different trains, hunger and took about an hour longer than what it should have. Urgh. The morning feeling of optimism had drizzled out and no drop of enthusiasm remained. The only thing that kept me going were the cute texts from my sisters and my Nan ringing me reassuring me that she was going to be there to pick me up (yay! A car!).

We all stopped off for a coffee and to pick up my Aunt from work and we had a lovely little stroll through the town/village (not quite sure what you’d class Battle, Sussex as). Then we got in, had dinner, and made some chocolate lollies while my Nan and Grandad were at work. Perfect. Apart form the fact they were disgusting.




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