4th April 2013.

Right, I know I haven’t been sticking to my goal of at least one post a day but I really have been busy and I don’t always have access to a computer or even the internet which makes things difficult! All this weekend until Wednesday I probably won’t be able tom post at all but the following days I should have a few more things to post about!

The puppy, named Monty, is the most docile, family loving animal I have ever seen. He literally craves attention to the point where he finds a nice cosy spot (whether it be your lap, shoulder or curled around your feet) and within seconds he’s asleep. He eats like a monster and snores like one too. Now I know crying was expected last night but boy did he howl. All through the night and the slightest noise would set him off. Bless him. got to be cruel to be kind though! Everyone loves him here, he’s going to be hell of a family dog when he gets older.

My sisters are now seemingly bitter sweet. They may be all nice and pretty from the outside but really and truly they’re little brats! Constantly bickering with each other everything is a competition between the two and I’ve heard they’ve been pulling some naughty tricks on Nanny. Poor lady hehehe. Still love them just the same though ;).

I’ve managed to take some really lovely photos and many can be used towards my photography exam thank goodness. Although I can’t help but remind myself how much better the images would be had I not lost my battery. I know it’s definitely in my room somewhere but I’ve looked almost everywhere. I say almost as I haven’t yet found it but my room is about two meters by 3 and so there’s only so many places it could be!

Since I’ve been here, my skin has improved, my lip seems to be healing faster than what it has been and I may have put on a few extra pounds! But I really don’t care about that, for goodness sakes it’s Easter and so it’s to be expected! I’m drinking a load more coffee, (I usually limit myself to one coffee in the morning, a cup of tea in the afternoon and a hotchocolate or another tea before bed. But my Nan is great and has decaf and I’m already on my third coffee. Can’t be that bad for me can it?

Monty is dancing around my feet and by the back door, s,o I just took him in the garden to try and get him to pee.

He didn’t pee.

He’s now decided to bug me and lay in between my feet, I don’t mind this particularly, my feet were cold anyway.





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