11th April 2013.


I’m officially back in Nottingham and officially blogging again. I have some good ideas up for debate and as I’m digging through my post, I find two more samples that have been sent to me! So there’ll be reviews on the way!

I’ve also started the photography for my exam and so I might post a load on here to try and get some feedback from yu guys. I haven’t actually posted any gallery type things of just photography, so I might start, just worried about people taking them off here! Can I copy right them?

I tried to watch The Only Way is Essex this morning but after a painful two minutes I just had to turn it off. I feel sorry for anyone from Essex who’re stereotyped into the formation of these glowsticks. Urgh.  I’ve decided to start watching Made in Chelsea from season one, episode one simply because I was forced to watch one of the brand new episodes when I was in London and I actually enjoyed it. Although I am absolutely dumbfounded as to why Professor Green is engaged to Milly?!?!?!? I would never, NEVER have imagined those two together. At the moment, I find myself itching and twitching and jerking all about the place when she coems on screen. Not my cup of tea.

Frederick is adorable. Beautiful also. I think I’ll add Ollie to that little category as well. PLUS they have GORGEOUS hair.

There was one guy at this little party who thought he’s make a statement of, “topshop? No. No no no no no. High street is just a no.” – WTH. If that’s jis lifestyle, then fine I guess, but still…URGH.





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