Homophobia Within Islam.

I for one absolutely can’t stand homophobic comments. To me, it’s as bad as racism and sexism. They’re all a form of discrimination and I feel it’s a result of small mindedness and ignorance.

I watched a documentary on gay Muslims the other day and Islam is renowned for being homophobic. They claim the Quran states it is wrong and that Allah despises gays. The documentary explores this in great detail from the perception of gay Muslims themselves, their families and an imman.

In Islam, there is no punishment for murder , Allah will simply forgive you. Yet if you commit adultery then you receive 100 lashes and the person you sinned with should be decapitated and if you’re homosexual then you should be stoned to death.

Being gay isn’t hurting anyone.

The Quran doesn’t actually address homosexuality neither does it have a name for for the act.
However it does speak of men raping other men but its a subject of interpretation and stubbornness.
On the matter of lesbians, Islamic law is very quiet. Almost as if its more acceptable to be a lesbian than gay.

The parents of one particular gay Muslim didn’t accept nor understand why he was gay. The father thought he was being punished for his sins and that being gay was a curse.

It’s sad. Really sad that even in the 21st century, few groups still can’t accept diversity.

However I’m not one to hate on religion. Everyone has and probably needs a religion. We need to believe something happens after death in order to live our lives now. It may not be an official religion like Christianity or Buddhism but everyone has faith. I think it needs to adapt with time. Interpretation can lead us in many directions.


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