Made in Chelsea: Season 1.


Whilst I was staying at my friend’s house over Easter, I was forced to watch one of the new episodes of Made in Chelsea. I wasn’t too happy in all honesty and I really didn’t understand the excitement. But you know, as a good friend, I kept my mouth shut and simply watched and tried to follow what was going on. I became somewhat interested in these people and so I told myself I’ll watch the first season and see what it was all about.

I fell in love. I’d say it was on a par with Pretty Little Liars and that’s saying something!

I thought I’d write a little blog on the first season and what I thought about some of the situations that came up. I’m also trying to bring other fellow bloggers onto the Chelsea hype as it really is like a good gossip about people you don’t personally know. It’s nothing like TOWIE as TOWIE should just slip off the face of the planet and slide into a very very deep, black hole. Oh and never emerge. EVER.


I think the main story over season one was the whole Spencer liking Caggie but being with Funda (I think that’s her name?) and almost playing with them both. You see, Spencer and Caggie have been friends for like….ever and they have the kind of relationship that is a little beyond just friends but they’ve never actually ventured far enough.  So Spencer is with a little Brazillian model/dancer and I feel for her. I really do. I’d hate to be in the position of being with a guy and then finding out a whole history behind him and some other girl which may be in fact ongoing. Towards the end of the season, to cut it short, Spencer and Funda break up and Caggie moves to New York.

A beautiful, Tarzan-like man with gorgeous hair, named Ollie, comes out as bi-sexual and he also broke up with his 10 month old girl-friend Gabriella. Gabriella has an amazing voice and she’s a decent girl bless her.

Another beautiful guy, Hugo, tries to get some blonde chick, Amber, interested in him, fails and instead hooks up with her friend, Rosie. Rosie actually likes him but holds back as her friend Millie buys him at a charity auction. In my opinion, if you know your friend has even a breeze of romanticism for some guy: you don’t hook up with him. It’s an unwritten rule! But Millie decides to go ahead anyway, Rosie just gives up and lets her have him. As you can now guess, their friendship goes through a little rocky patch.

Francis – geek chic, ginger, glasses, snobbish – owns some sort of diamond business and I think he’s probably my least favourite person in this season. I find him looking down on absolutely everyone and thinking he’s God. Hell no. “David Cameron is my idol.” HELL NO. But anyway he gets a new intern, Agnes, who’s a very attractive, young, European lady. Of course, he slyly develops feeings for her but she goes out on a date with his friend Fredrik. Whoa. Fredrik <3. They then decided, in order not to jeopardise their friendship and let a girl come between them, they’ll bloody share Agnes! Of course she finds out, quits her job angrily but later forgives them both.

Those are the main storylines but there’s so much more to it than what I say! I’ve basically skinned and eaten the meat of the chicken revelaing the bare bone. It’s got a lot moe of a shock value to it. Gosh, I love a bit of good gossip.

Yes this group of friends speak posh, yes they live a prestigious life style and yes a certain Mark-Francis may hate on high street shopping but they’re a lovely group of people with a very interesting life style.




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