I’m one of those people that only half listen to an album or song and if there’s anything I like about it I’ll just download it and have a proper listen to it later. This means my Itunes is always fresh and the moment I shuffle my songs and a new song pops up that I haven’t heard before.. well.. it keeps things interesting!

I was writing a blog earlier (Southwell Minster) and this song came on and I just stopped what I was doing, properly listened and I genuinely got goosebumps! It’s really motivationsal, encouraging and it really expresses what MGK is really about. I really really love him. He’s such a chilled out guy with strong morals and his music always feels so personal.

His real name is Richard Colson Baker, born April 22nd 1990, and he’s an American rapper originating from Cleveland, Ohio. His stage name, Machine Gun Kelly, was given for his ‘rapid-fire lyrical flow’ and his reference to some notorious criminal named George ‘Machine Gun Kelly’ Barnes.

I have his album ‘Laced Up’ and it’s pretty good. As I said before, it’s pretty personal but that’s what I love about him. He doesn’t hold back, if something needs to be said then he’ll say it. He comes accross as a rudeboy with all his tattoos and tendency to go wild on stage when performing but I think he’s a softy who loves his fans! He once sat down with the phone numbers of some fans and just rang them up to say ‘hi’ and thank them for supporting him. Love love love.

There’s a link to the song I was listening to earlier, been on repeat a few times hahaa.



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