Summer Bodies.

Britain is absolutely terrible for stripping naked the moment they see any sign of there being a glimmer of sunlight peeking out from behind such dismal clouds. I saw a guy out in flipflops this afternoon… and shorts! Bloomin’ shorts! Can’t just say it’s the girls that are bad for flashing the flesh now ey.

Now along with those great maxi dresses, fancy sunglasses, killer wedges and all that fancy Summer gear, comes the great desire to get in shape. Body-wise I mean. I’ve noticed the gym getting busier, there’re more blogs regarding to Summer weather (or what little ray of sunshine we’ll manage to force out of the sun…) and also a whole load of people resorting to desperate diets in order to start sporting some abs.

I thought I’d write up some tips I use to help me get into shape, but to be honest, I do these all year round with plenty lapses in bad food behaviour. But hey, I’m only human and as my Mum keeps telling me: “it’s okay, you’re only young, plenty of time to start worrying about weight later on in life.” then on my other shoulder I have my father, “watch what you eat Savannah. Don’t want to be putting on those extra pounds now do we.” No Dad. We certainly don’t.

1. We all love food and yes, sometimes we over indulge ourselves and spend the next few days ‘detoxing’ (oh I’ve tried) but really, there’s no need. We need to just sloooowwww dowwwnnn and enjoy meals. The longer you savour your meals, the more time it gives your brain to catch up with your stomach and so you’ll feel fuller and probably won’t finish that giant size portion of food you have in front of you!

2. I have my own little theory for helping me to slow down when I’m eating: when making my little parcel on my fork ready to deliver to my mouth, I always make sure I have stopped chewing, have swallowed  the mouthful that I was eating before and then insert the new gift. Otherwise, if you think about it, you’re literally stuffing your face. Not cool.

3. This is pretty obvious. DON’T EAT JUNK. You got a sweet tooth? Have a ‘nana. Feeling peckish? Grab some low calorie cereal – always good for snacking I find. But yeah of course, fruits the way forward. Though not too many oranges, don’t want orange teeth tah.

4. Get out and enjoy the weather. If you don’t have a gym membership (or simply can’t be bothered) have a nice stroll through town, have a little shopping trip, ‘ave a nice little picnic out in the park. Enjoy the fresh air maaaan! Or even better, spring clean! So amny caloried burnt when cleaning – great!

5. I’ve always thought that eating 3 hours before bed is a no no, however, my boyfriend lets me and I don’t see a huge weight gain. Of course if you eat some greasy ass pizza or a kebab with some unknown meat gunk within; you’re going to be just as fat and just as greasy. But maye just some toast? Cereal? Fruit? Light, not too heavy.

6. When we sleep, our metabolism slows right down and so in the morning, first thing, a great thing to do it drink a cold glass of water to help kick start that fat burning machine and get a head start with getting that breakfast off your hips!

7. GREEN TEA PEOPLE. It has been proven to speed up your metabolism and it contains so many great antioxidants and just completely flushes all the crap out of your system. I can promise you you’ll feel better for even trying. Just tastes like warm water to me. I’ve been told that adding lemon to it makes it that little bit nicer. I’m scared of pips though..

8. Don’t always stick to three main meals a day. Have a small meal every 2-3 hours instead. It keeps your metabolism runningwihtout the little bumpy ride of going up and down up and down etc.

9. Get colourful for Summer! Add some red tomatoes, green cucumber, pink rasberries… you get the jist and try to avoid whites. By whites I mean bread, rice, pasta etc no need for too many carbs right? Of course don’t totally cut them out your diet. Silly.

10. Be positive! Don’t have a ‘down day’ and just pig out because you’ll only feel worse for the next few days after! Stick to a routine and enjoy a healthy lifestyle!

Hope this helps!



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