The Iron Lady.


Okay so most of us are aware of the recent death of the one and only: Margaret Thatcher.

She’s an iconic figure in British history and one of which that opinions of her have somewhat of a ‘marmite’ effect.

The topic of her death and her funeral came up in my sociology class today and my tutor has very strong opinions and beliefs on this woman – as she does in most things!

Now I’m not so hot on this topic and I don’t know a huge deal about Thatcher and so I’ve had to combine what I’ve been told and my own research in order to form an opinion of my own.

60% of Britain do not believe that she should have a military funeral which is costing the economy a whooping £10million. Only 20% actually feel that she deserves this this funeral and the remaining 20% have no opinion unfortunately. This seems a huge smack in the face as the, practically conservative, government have chosen to value their own values over what their country and the rest of Britain is actually telling them. The last person to have a military funeral was Winston Churchill who helped Britain succeed in WW2  if I’m not mistaken and this particular type of funeral seems very honourable and by the looks of it, I’m merging towards the “ding dong the witch is dead” side of things.

Margaret Thatcher changed the way in which Britain views society and we, as individuals, view ourselves. Marketisation of absolutely everything was brought in and so competition became the number one priority in many many circumstances e.g. education. Of course there’re going to be the few, middle class, entrepreneurs with a heap load of money that feel that Margaret helped them out in a massive way. But hey, that’s capitalism for you and the elite will always stay on top.

During her time as Prime Minister, Margaret went under many a change. From her clothes, her hair and even a voice, she understood that she was dealing with a man’s world and simply adapted. I’m not sure what to make of this. Part of me thinks okay, she had to fit in in order to be taken seriously, but at the same time, I under rate this as she should have made a stand properly and made people listen to her. She was a woman of power and the male MPs didn’t like this.

She also destroyed huge swathes of British industry, decimated communities, increased unemployment and privatised services to such a degree that large areas of the country, especially the North, of England have yet to recover. Thatcher helped cover up the Hillsborough disaster where 96 Liverpool fans were crushed to death due to bad policing and also supported Pinochet and considered him a personal friend, even after the full-scale of the horrors of his regime were revealed. She was pretty twisted and I don’t think her morals were all that intact. She didn’t take into consideration any after effects of her regimes and was incredibly selfish.

I wouldn’t go as far as saying, “damn she died peacefully,” or “burn in hell” but I do hope she’s uncomfortable down there.



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