16th April 2013.

Admittedly I was supposed to upload the review on Season Two of Made in Chelsea but I was writing it in college and then I ran out of time. I then saved it, but, to the college drive instead of my USB so apologies! Will be up by tomorrow (:

This morning I found it so hard to roll out of bed. So damn hard. But I did it and stuck to my squatting vow doing 20 reps and only one set but in six inch heels. It’s a challenge but I’m wanting that perky ass and firm thighs 😉 no pain no gain as the boyfriend always says!

Anyway I got to college and I was in a weird, confused and embarrassed state. Waiting outside English I realised no one was there. Long story short I was in college two hours before I was supposed to be. Not impressed.

I’ve got so much damn coursework to be doing and my exams are getting scarily close.

Feel mad stressed. Really want a nice pamper evening with a bottle of wine, face pack, good film and good company. But then I might use that as motivation and do that after exams? Hmm…then again…Pre exam stress…hmm.

I’m still looking for that casual blazer that I can wear all the time. I actually saw two people today sporting damn nice ones. I want good quality at a reasonable price, possibly more of a boyfriend fit that goes with everything and I can use as a jacket. A statement one would be pretty nice too though, I’m feeling dogtooth pattern? Ill continue my search!




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