30 Day Squat Challenge.


I was looking at my site statistics earlier and I realised that the blogs where I mention fitness actually get the most views and so I’ve decided to write a little more about it.

I was talking to my boyfriend earlier this evening and we were talking about gym and I mentioned to him how I’ve been doing extra squats at home and he mentioned the 30 day squat challenge and I decided that it’s a good idea. However I will be doing mine in 4-6 inche heels to give that extra pinch of intensity and I’ll also have my rucksack on my back full of college books and work! That’ll surely make up for my lack of weight facilities at home!

So I’ve literally just completed my first day concluding at 50 and I usually do quite a few more than that but maybe my rucksack is heavier than I originally thought! Or maybe it was the heels but either way, I was shaking by the 49th and really had to push myelf to get the 50th in! That’s what I lack when working out; I just think ahh it’s only five more left in this set, I’m hurting, it’s okay, missing out five won’t hurt. But when adding up all these reps I’ve missed out, it starts becoming half the workout in itself! I need to push myself and stop being lazy.

Think this is going to go well! Especially since I don’t always have the time to spend a good 2 hours in the gym it’s good to know I have these little routines to fall back on.

Try it with me!



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