Stage Fright.

Apologies again, the Made in Chelsea blog was left at college again but it is finished so I’ll post it properly when I have the chance! Promise! There’s just so much to say about season two! Loved it!

Everybody has a talent that they wish they had and mine is: the confidence to sing in front of a crowd. I’m not too tone deaf and I really enjoy singing and I just wish I could share it with others. Stage fright is real and although I can get up and speak in front of a crowd without breaking a sweat, I think singing is somewhat more personal and I just feel…silly I guess. I know it sounds stupid but it’s just as a much an embarrassment as it is scary. I’m scared that if I go out of tune, I’ll turn  go bright red and everything will be ruined. I’m just not comfortable which is weird because I used to be in all the school productions and I loved being in the spotlight!

I hate being judged but that’s all a part of being on stage. In fact it’s a part of every day life! Why else would we go through the effort of putting on make up and creating our own style or even following the norms of society?

It genuinely annoys me that I can get over this.



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