What in the World is a BB Cream Anyways?

Skylar Smiles

What is a BB Cream? Seriously, what is it? It looks like a foundation, it is as creamy as a moisturizer, and covers like a primer. So what is it?

Well, it’s actually all of the above. A BB cream actually isn’t new at all…at least not to the rest of the world. It was actually popularized in Korea where women protect their skin from the sun and was used there before I was born.

A BB Cream is such a versatile product. It covers blemishes on the skin really well, acts as a tinted moisturizer, can be used as a primer, and also improves skins texture. The Korean version like Dr. Jart actually has properties that “whiten” your skin which for girls like me that have lingering acne scars that are still red even after I have gotten rid of my acne, its a highly sought after product. It covers…

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