Made in Chelsea: Season Two.


This season has been such an emotional rollercoaster and I’ve been totally hooked.

Jamie returns from wherever he’s been and oh my. What a guy. The whole group now seems complete. Jamie brings the fun and the laughs and also seems to bring the boys down a notch to the point where they’re actually just chilling out at home playing Fifa! I couldn’t believe it! Brilliant.

Within the first or second episodes, Millie finds out Hugo cheated on her and she confronts him at first but he outrightedly denies and but she still isn’t satisfied – rightly. She then later hears that he actually did cheat and throws a drink at him during the launch of Francis’ new book.

Ollie’s has a new girlfriend, Chloe, who seems like a really sweet girl but I knew from the start it wouldn’t last. Their relationship is just too much of a friendship and so, in my opinion, they really are better off as friends. This happens too towards the end of the season but it’s a pretty clean break up, with a few tears from Ollie (bless him!). However, during this relationship, Gabriella is still somewhat involved and Chloe feels it is her duty to confront Gabriella and try to make situations a little more comfortable. However, Chloe goes to Gabriella when she’s actually in the middle of filming the video for her song (about Ollie) with Ollie lookalikes! Now, at this point I thought she had gone a little insane and her jealousy made her really ugly for a while. “I’m over Ollie, these guys are nothing to do with him” – oh please. Long hair, dark, tanned, tall, union jack jacket? That’s Ollie in a bloody nutshell. Chloe said things need to calm down and Gabs didn’t like that.

Somehow or another, they become good friends later on, always hang out, even go on holiday together but I think it’s a little bit fake on Gabriella’s half and she just wants to intervene and always be around Ollie… psycho. I really disagree with this. If your ex has moved on, so should you, don’t be hanging around and making yourself look a fool, go find someone else and have fun! Bliiiiimey.

Spencer becomes friends with benefits with Louise which is never ever a good idea unless you’re a sex-a-holic. Someone will always get too attached and want more and get hurt when the other person moves on to someone else. You will always be the thing on the side until the other finds someone else to mess about with. Sorry girls/guys! Louise moves on to Jamie anyway but she then goes to Edinburgh for university and while she’s away, Jamie inadvertently hooks up with Gabriella! Yes! Apparently it was just a drunken night but still! Shock! Rosie finds out and tells Louise who then lets Jamie know that she is aware of what’s happened.

I am getting really sick and tired of Rosie. All she seems to be is an interfering little bitch who is always in everyone else’s business when she’s hardly up to any good herself. It’s almost like she gets some sick pleasure over delivering heart rendering news to her “friends”. When things get out it’s almost like she doesn’t actually care. She just put up a blank wall and pretends nothing’s happened. She really really gets under my skin. In the beginning she seemed all nice and cute and shy but really she’s just a conniving bitch. Standard.

Francis has become quite the ladies’ man in recent times! He had three girls going at the same time but he really seemed to hit it off with this one girl: Natalia. For their second date, he took her skateboarding in Chelsea and then they ended up in a little park where he had wrapped lights around a bench and made up a little picnic with Champagne! So damn sweet! Also found out that he’s still a virgin at this point because he’s catholic! Brilliant!

Louise told Caggie to just “go there and get it over with”, with Spencer, “just give him what it wants”. Whoa. Hold up. A little desperate maybe? I get where she’s coming from but that’s a really selfish thing to say. Louise didn’t take into consideration that Caggie and Spencer might have something going on in the near future and she’s telling them to jeopardise everything just in case there’s a chance that Spencer can get ‘what he wants’ and then maybe he’ll get bored and move onto Louise. See, this makes me think even more that there’s no one that’s going to suit him as well as Caggie. He’s stuck around for so long with their flirty friendship and for now, while Caggie is still annoyingly indecisive, it works. Go away Louise.

Proudlock kisses Caggie during one of gigs. Spencer sees. Not nice.

The guys have pool party, while the girls go away to Paris and reunite with Millie where they meet some of France’s finest! If there was one thing I wish I could take from these guys’ lives, it’s the ability to just run away to another country when times get tough. Wouldn’t that just be a luxury?

Ollie and Chloe split up towards the end of the season; hate seeing guys cry L

Hugo finds out Millie cheated on her first after they come back from Ibiza and he is furious and he has a right to be! She made him feel so awful but ironically she had already done the dirty. “Oh but I actually loved you when you cheated on me” – you can’t pick and choose when you think it’s acceptable to cheat and when it isn’t! It’s not right full stop! Number one rule of a relationship!

Caggie’s cousin arrives and gets it on with Proudlock…. Bit weird.

Jamie organises a trip to Morocco where Caggie starts to express how much she feels pressured and suffocated by Spencer yet at the same time she’s jealous of Alice and Proudlock? Confused girl.

Thomas comes all the way from Paris to visit Caggie in London, much to the annoyance of Spencer; she almost rubs it in his face? As cute as that it, and as much as I feel sorry for him because she lets him down, it was a pretty awkward time to come…

Rosie is offended that Millie would even ask if there’s anything going on between her and Hugo and at this point I was even a bit annoyed at Millie and I thought she should just let things go. Okay she was hurt and obviously there’re still going to be some nasty niggly feeling because he’s your ex and she’s supposedly your best friend. It all takes a massive nose dive with the season finale when Millie finds out that Hugo and Rosie did in fact get up to the something behind her back. I really really rate her for what she did and not just stand there crying for an episode. She walked to the front of the room, said happy birthday to both Mark-Francis and Francis and then made a toast to “friendship”. Epic. Well done Millie.

Jamie is found to be have slept with Gabrielle one drunken night, much to the amusement of Ollie who actually thanked him at Mark Francis’ and Francis’ 1920s themed birthday party!

Caggie has finally realised how much she values the friendship and romantic attention from Spencer and it’s a classic situation of “you never know what you have until you lose it”. They reunite after not speaking for a while; both apologise to eachother, hug and make up. They really are cute together and would make the most romantic couple but I hate how Caggie really does mess him around. She doesn’t know what she wants and it kills Spencer and me also! I’m sitting there screaming at my laptop like please! Just get together and stay together forever and be married and have beautiful children. PLEASE.

This season has been epic. So much has gone on as you can tell! Let season three commence!



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