Risky red. Literally. As much as I love this daringly bright colour, I think you have to be quite careful when wearing it.

There’s a few negative connotations that accompany scarlet red: prostitute, tart and showoff just to name a few. Therefore, I’m always cautious what to wear it with. The same goes for leopard print. They’re just so risque and many people feel uncomfortable when attention is paid to them.

Back in the day, when women weren’t seen as mega important, red lipstick was a sign of power. The redder and brighter the better!

Other connotations of red: love, blood, danger, passion, aggression etc. Weirdly, most are actually fairly negative and so when you see that love has been thrown into it, you wonder if all these ‘love sick’ songs, poems etc. actually have a weird point. Does love bring more pain than it does happiness? Afterall, many people go through more than one ‘lover’ until they find ‘The One’ right? I personally think red signals something important, passionate and emotional. You see red and you’re angry, you see someone wearing red and you’re intrigued. It’s interesting!

Anyway, today I’m sporting Sleek’s matte ‘Stilletto’ lipstick, S&C’s scarlet and my boyfriend’s red checked shirt. I’m feeling daring hehehee

However I for one wouldn’t wear red with leopard print, not up for that kind of stereotype thank you!

Do love a good leopard print dress though.



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