Up in Flames. Literally.


This video following up Nicki’s High School ft Lil Wayne has come as a massive shock and equally, a dissapointment.

The video looks cheap and very quickly made, as though, because of popular demand, she rushed it through and diregarded quality.

What is it with the sunglasses and the out of time playing on the piano? It’s almost like she’s pretending to be blind and let me assure you; you don’t have to be blind ot be able to play the bloody piano well! It’s almost insulting and I really don’t see the relevence to the song?

At first I thought the motorbike in the video was pretty cool but when he’s then being shown throughout almost the entire video it gets repetitive and pointless! Don’t get it. Just don’t.

Nicki is famous for her wigs and her fashion and of course: her body. So tell me why she looks bloody awful? Even her hair looks awful!

I absolutely loved the High School video and I got way too excited! The set, the costumes and the song itself! This ‘Up in Flames’ video has completely ruined even the song for me!

Nicki. You have upset me.



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