Hotel California.

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So this album has been out for a while now and I’m quite a big Tyga fan. Although for the most part, the beats are better than the lyrics, I find his flow and the sound of his voice just all works really well together.

I saw him last year in Birmingham and then again when he was a support act for Nicki Minaj. I have recently booked tickets to see him yet again at Birmingham for his European tour ‘Hotel California‘.

Admittedly, I had a few doubts before the release of his album and I was just praying that he hadn’t already surpassed the peak of his career. Lucky he hasn’t! This album is so good! There’s a good variety of hard rap which is balanced out by some cutesy songs and the bass in on heavvvyyyy!



I was walking to college yesterday and the sun was out, I had just purchased some materials for my photography coursework and then the track ‘M.O.E’ came on and it was one of those film moments. I could imagine a close up of my face, flick of the hair, smile and a strut through the city centre! Seriously HAHAH it was just one of those moments! Everyone’s had one you can’t even pretend!

M.O.E is one of my favourite tracks on the album and it has such a nice Summery vibe to it. It started to get me mega excited for the tour. Last time me and my friend queued 5 hours in the blazing sun, then for Nicki we queued about 10 hours and I wanted to do the same for this one. It’s all a part of the concert experience! It’s not just a night thing (unless you’re boring and book seat tickets) but it’s a whole day out! Just sitting around anticipating the show in a few hours time, trying to get sneak peaks inside, seeing the excitement on the other fan’s faces around you. Such a buzz! And then when you’re finally let in and the crowd surges unbearingly forward and you run so fast to the stage to get right up to the front! Agh it’s such an exhilarating feeling!

Last time he had a DJ playing for about an hour before he came on so we were still waiting when inside the hall! But that DJ was so good. when you know everyone around you knows all the same songs you do, they have the same taste in style it just feels like you’re welcoming a whole new crowd of friends!

Nicki’s ‘Roman Reloaded‘ Tour was jusr as amaazing. The production, the songs, the atmosphere and the fact that she genuinely looks like a real life barbie is just unreal! Yeah her bum looks like she’s wearing a giant nappy is funny but her tiny waist, her skin, her hair, everything lived up to what I wanted!

I’m getting excited again.

Seriously though! Listen to the album, even download it (recommended).

Oh the images included are really bad quality because they’re all print screens from the videos I took, my tactic for taking photos at concerts heheheh



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