The Bus Driver.

I have just got in from a really nice ‘catch up’ evening with my friend but it was ruined by an event that took place involving a bus driver.

I felt utterly humiliated and helpless and I got all flustered and angry at once.

So it was about half ten at night, I’m carrying expensive camera equipment, I’m very clearly not dressed for town and I ready to just get in and have my dinner. But no. This damn ruthless, old, bus driver refused me to get on the bus over a lousy 30 pence. Spring up any familiar news stories of fairly recent? The girl that was denied bus access at three in the morning over, I think it was around the same amount? She ended up beaten, raped and left for dead.

So I’m standing there, open mouthed at the bus driver like, what do you really expect me to do? Walk all the way home? Can’t I get at least a refund. Oh no. That’s much too much to ask for.

Luckily there’s some damn nice people in the world a guy, about my age, just handed me a load of change, I think about £4 and was like here it’s okay. I wanted to hug and kiss him for saving my night. All these negative stereotypes about the youth of today being so rowdy, uncaring and a nusence but he was the only one who actually helped me. None of the adults helped, none of the pensioners helped. No, they all just sat there staring, enjoying the show. It’s not like I was asking them to give me money but even for soemone to speak up and tell the bus driver that although he had duties; it’s 30 pence, I need to get home and surely my safety is of much more value than that?

So angry. So upset. Didn’t express my gratitude enough to that guy and I feel as if I should have thanked him more.

Damn bus driver. They just don’t get it.



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