21st April 2013 – DREAM


I’ve literally just woke up and I had the most bizarre dream.

I had gone to visit my family and I was walking somewhere with them all. My sisters and nan were on bikes and me and my grandad were walking. Just remembered I had forgotten my trainers and boots and the new shoes I were wearing were like converse and they were all muddy so I wanted to change.

I asked to borrow my Nans bike to get there quicker but my grandad said no, you’ll get there faster if you walk and listen to Usher. Weird.

I remember looking round hopelessly and not recognising the house or the garden but still feeling calm. Not panicked at all.

Then Nan suggested we go to the reptile centre (there’s no reptile centre in Battle). There were two headed snakes, bright red ones and most strangest of all, snakes in a cotton material skin.

The snake was shedding its skin and the woman was peeling it back while it went into the new sock she had made for him which was as all shiny and pink and cool with silver glitter down it.

I kept forgetting my shoes and my coat (which are surely the things you actually remember?) and when we were about to queue for the Tyga concert (ended up in Birmingham?), I was worried I’d be cold because I’d forgotten my jacket.

Then I woke up! So messed up.



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