St George’s Day.

Happy St George’s Day everyone!

I hope you all had that wonderful feast we’re all supposed to have but I just wanted to write about how how ‘english’ and ‘proud to be english’ everyone seems to be today.

In contrary to what everyone seems to think; that St George represents fair play, respect, tolerance, diplomacy and good ol’ English values. Deep deep down, way past the fascist ways of the BNP, EDL and David Cameron: St George is originally of black-African descent and we owe him the respect of calling him by his correct name: George of Lydda.

George never came her to slay dragons or save princesses and he was born in Cappadocia – now known as Turkey. He was persecuted  and he then died at the hands of Roman Emperor Diocletian on the 23rd of April.

George had been re-written throughout history and that history has been made to suit the government and give the English something to celebrate. It’s incredibly selfish and scary to think about what else could be hidden from us.

Sorry if I have brought a depressing end to your day!



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