Beyonce H&M.

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Whether Beyonce has taken inspiration from Rihanna‘s River Island range or whether she just thought it’s commojn sense and the right time to do so; I think the H&M range is absolutely fantastic. It’ provides people with affordable fashion and a social currency amongst friends and it also contributes to this summer’s fashion trends.

The collection hits the stores in May and the photos that have been released can be a kick start for many. This woman has had a child recently! Look at the bod’!

I love how sexy yet somewhat reserved the range is and it’s not raunchy but is suggestive and fun! I’d feel more than happy to wear this collection when on holiday and the cute little outfits are perfect for not only beackwear, lounging round the hotel, but for day wear too! The little blue dress is my favourite but I love the white shirt also, it’s casual but a more upmarket and reasonable!

“I can’t deny your desire, feel like I’m on fire. When you touch me, I feel the flame they can never feel.”

Damn I love you. Wish so bad I could hav seen you in concert :(.


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