48 Hours of Fashion.

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Over the course of 26th-27th April, in the middle of the city of Nottingham,there was a rather large ‘tent’ erected in the middle of what we know as ‘The Market Square’.

Within this tent contained a handful of wonderfully tall, elegant and extremely good looking models whom had been crafted lovingly by Arthur Gourounlian (show director) and Aaron Hickton (lead stylist). They featured some of this season’s high street trends based on the shops occupied by Nottingham itself. Not only was this a fabulous way of advertising what our local shops are offering, it also provided an exciting and fun event to attend and it was completely free!

I really enjoyed the 20 minutes that I was in there for and I was astonished by the level of organisation and cofidence that was just oozing out of these beautiful creatures. They seemed absolutely flawless and it was as though the endless routines and timings didn’t bother them in the slightest! They were completely at ease and they showcased some really nicely constructed outfits. From what I saw, print is a big thing as is feminine colours such as peaches, pinks, creams for the ladies of course but the men were all about the denim and the suits were gorgeous!

I think these outfits were targetted at 20-30 year olds but none the less they were lovely and very stylish. Not particularly daring but outfits you’d compliment an aunt or uncle for wearing.

The hosts – twins – were entertaining and had me hooked in from the start; very charismatic and also extremely tall! I wonder if they were models also at some point?

There was a model in particular that I took a liking to. Her red bob was really edgy and perfectly cut, I could see her being a hair model of sorts. Along with this, she had these amazing legs that just went on foreverand her walk… her legs!! They were amazing. The way she strutted and controlled her body was a sight to see. Her face was always perfectly composed and she was drop dead gorgeous – excuse the cheese.

Along with this show came the master classes and the booklet of discounts over the days where the event was taking place. It was really encouraging and promoting Nottingham as a place and getting people involved with the other shops in the area. For example, I attended a ‘master class’ where employees of The Bead Shop gave a talk on how to ‘glam up your shoes’ and add a bit of sparkle to your clothes. They were lovely girls!

I feel quite proud to be one of many to experience Nottingham’s own culture – I’d never really appreciated it in such a way before.

Such a lovely event, I hope that more will come in the future!

I apologise for the quality of the images included in this post, as I’ve mentioned before, I usually video something and then screen shot to produce images when I get home!And I still don’t know how to add videos!



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