New Obsession!

Korea Korea Korea.

Okay so the North is messed up and all over the news in recent times but Korea has so much to offer us! Of course there’s the cheese and the ‘overly happy’ asian people but that is literally asian culture for you!

I’ve recently been introduced to some mega emotional films – thanks you youtube and my Dad – and I then went a little bit further to experience the ‘K-Pop’ and fashion of this wonderful country!

Firstly; the films. Oh my goodness. I was genuinely sobbing my heart out at ten’o’clock on a Friday night whilst messaging my Dad and admittedly, still shedding tears! It was so emotional! To cut a two hour long film short, an arrogant ‘money is everything’ 19 year old boy has to go to a remote little village and graduate in order to recieve the inheritance left by his grandfather. As predicted, he meets the girl of his dreams but she is very very sick and it just shows you the journey he went on and his relationship. It’s extremely cute and exceedingly heart wrenching! I was there, all alone, tucked up in bed with my latop on my lap and a packet of fig rolls!

Figs still confuse me.

As for the music, it’s fun, quirky and so so fashionable. They’re not afraid to mix up clashing colours and prints and it really is expressive. I’d love to go shopping in Korea! The guys come accross as very feminine at times but I think it’s sweet! Pink ‘ex-Beiber’ hair is fine! Especially if you’re beautiful! Hahahhaa. And the girls! The girls! They mix between all cute and skinny and smiley to some hard core, serious faced babes!





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