It seems the heat in the celebrity world is always on full blast but it’s not just between the men anymore. Oh now. The girls are taking it into their own hands.

Shystie has decided to take on the keyboard warrior we all know as Azaelia Banks whom is infamous for starting issues with fellow members in the industry through social networking. She made homophobic comments towards Preston and made uneccessary digs towards another female rapper: Iggy Azaelea.

Shystie’s flow here is amazing and the lyrics also, let the diss match begin! I wonder how Ms Banks will react.

Just to make things clear, a ‘doppleganger’ is:a ghostly double of a living person that haunts its living counterpart. PARRRRR.

Let me tell you about this crazy bitch

chest so flat, call her table tits

pulled my video on some hater shit

Cause she bipolar “doppleganger”

On whatsapp Im her favorite

Then snakes on Twitter real shady shit

Now I dont even know who Azealia is

I must’ve been talking to a doppleganger

I was in harlem, where the bitch live

There was a problem, didn’t exist

Kept on asking, people looked mythed

All they knew ASAP Rocky and Dip

You don’t write your rhymes, hello

Your just a puppet on a string, for your label

Johnny writes all of your rhymes, Geppeto

Milli vinilli licking kitty like Cornettos

Selling ya pussy in da, Harlem Ghetto

I’ll jump on your couch, with my stilettos

You have a chin bigger than Jay Leno

You’re silly mother fucker and a doppleganger


Doppelgänger – you’re a silly motherfucker you’re a doppelganger

Doppelgänger – you’re a phoney, a fan, bi polar, a stan, it cant be banks, its her doppelgänger .

Verse 2

She’s a doppleganger

in my video with lollypops on camera

gremlin in a wedding dress all glammed up

burnt out stripper (Doppleganger)

She’ll wait till you get yours mastered

Videos out and promotions started

Sign the release and then bogart it

The bitch is a rertarded (Doppleganger)

Well, thats just the way she is

Two faced bitch, with a mouth full of shit

knew from start if I pulled that wig

All you’ll see is bunny teeth on a burnt out twig

Wanna talk about skin? Lets talk about lips

Cz without lipstick yours are burnt to a crisp

I see you sucking on too much dick

To the point that their blacker than T-Pain is

You’re a smashed out hoe with your pants down low

get grands from these old granddads that you blow

Every track you promote, is phantom wrote

You careers gonna slide till your back on them poles

Aint a friend, yr a foe, you pretend to be close

In the end, the result, is you selling your soul

Like judas, for a gold record you hoe

Or could it be I’m talking to ya doppleganger



Ayo, i see you putting out that new track

Its so whack,

Screaming like a damn fool,

Nobody even understands you.

What you saying? Braah’tah’tah’tahhh.

Verse 3

She’s a Doppleganger

broke down stripper and a coke head ranter

end up in love and Hip Hop Atlanta

With Stevie Jay banging ya “Doppleganger”

Shystie’s the wrong chick to ramp with

Baby girl I’ll make you shit your pampers

jump on a plane and bitch lick your grandma

And tweet it wasn’t me, it was my “Doppleganger”

I can rock you anytime any place

So you better bring your pastor….MASE

I’ll slap the baby hair right off of your face

Now thats what I call a real Harlem ….Shake

I’m quick with the flow, fuck this bitch, stick a dick in this hoe

Tell this buck tooth pigeon, forget it, I’m cold, coz her career ending’s inevitable

And she wont reply unless twitter involved, she gets in beef cos her records aint dope,

just letting you know, next time ill expose Azealia Banks, You don’t really want it, you’re a doppelgänger

Much love Shystie, you did what needed to be done ;D



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