Sleep Laughing?

Okay, so I’m one of many people that talk in their sleep and I am told that this happens on a regular!

However the other day I woke up laughing hysterically and even though I had just arisen, I had no idea what was so funny. Even so, I was in hysterics! Don’t get me wrong, I mean I genuinely felt so happy! Annoyingly though I did need the toilet and so I went and did my thing and went straight back to sleep.

I thought I had dreamt it all to be honest, when I woke a few hours later, but it got me thinking… Why do these things happen?

I thought I may just get way too into my dreams therefore making my body react as if I was conscious. That can be it though can it?

I wish I woke most mornings laughing though, put me in such a good mood!



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