6th May 2013.

Today has been absolute bliss.

I woke up, had coco pops and then had a lovely stroll back to my grandmas to which my boyfriend joined me on the way to work.

I got in, tidied my room, put my washing away, had lunch and then decided to take my revision elsewhere.

It has been a gloriously sunny day with the temperature suiting me finely. Admittedly I didn’t get too much done but in all honesty, I’m struggling to revise due to lack of practise exam papers!

After a while I started to get quite hot and decided to take a break, put some music in my ears and enjoy the sun. Later on however, I looked at my feet and found them to be a little browner. UNFORTUNATELY, ‘TWAS ONLY MY FEET THAT WERE BROWN. The sun hadn’t gone through my leggings and from the ankles up… I WAS STILL WHITE!

Some guys think tan lines are hot but that’s usually when they’re vest strap marks or knicker line marks… NOT ANKLE LEGGING MARKS.

I’ve decided to get all of my legs out tomorrow and stay there. For a very long time. Until my legs and ankles are once agin united in colour.

For goodness sakes.



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