7th May 2013.

I have just been trying to make my first ever vlog.

It failed. Epically.

There’s just something about me that isn’t great when talking unscripted on camera. It’s actually a load difficult when you get to doing it properly and I rate those who do it on a regular! I guess writing just comes a lot more naturally to me.

I’ve started applying to modelling agencies again too but I need some ‘no make-up, fresh faced’ shots so I’ll get to it ASAP. Only problem is that my decent camera still hasn’t got a battery so they’re going to be shot on a little digital thing :(.

Also, I was on Storm’s website earlier (recruited the likes of Kate Moss and Cara Delevigne) and on their info page they wrote a little not about fake portfolios. I was one of the many, at the age of fifteen, that begged and begged to get a portfolio done and when I was invited into a London studio I just got swept away in the motion of it all. Sorry Dad. You should have put your foot down harder. The photo’s weren’t all that great and the worst thing of all is that they lied to me. No one needs a professional portfolio to get started in the industry! If anything, a simple walk into the studio of an agency and they can tell you there and then if you have what it takes! Unfortunately, I’m not in the London area at the moment and so that wouldn’t be possible so I’ll just have to email over some photos. The person from management I spoke to simply told me numerous way to which I could send my photos and they’d tell me how far I could go. If go anywhere at all…



3 thoughts on “7th May 2013.

  1. I’ve tried vlogging too (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOWdhgrS8G5s-mHJRGU01dRs2EcIoVm1j). You definitely have to have lots of confidence because you suddenly realize that ‘THAT CAMERA’S LOOKING AT ME!’ (although not so manically.) but I think I do it just so that I can build up confidence in front of a camera (I don’t use a camera- I use a Blackberry pearl.) and it doesn’t matter how many views the videos receive.
    Good luck with the portfolios etc.

  2. Practice will make perfect! I’ve been producing TV shows for years and last summer I started a YouTube Channel. Now, I’m going to do a daily-ish Vlog. Here’s a preview of what’s to come: http://youtu.be/cv5saTrvZzc I hope you can check out and if you like it, you’ll subscribe. šŸ™‚ Break-a-leg!

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