What A Lovely Morning.

I hate running. Fully hate it.

Sprinting I can handle, and relay races come to think of it, but long distance, cross country and marathon type things? Hell no.

I really don’t know why but I find it so hard to pace myself and to control how my legs work. I end up looking like I’m going to fall over at any minute – not elegant in any way, shape or form. I wish I was one of those athletes who are really sure of their body and are fully aware of what they’re capable with.

I have no idea what I can do.

I used to do so many sports and attend so many extra curricular activities inside and outside school. Loved netball, football, rounders, rubby, basketball, cricket and the list just goes on! When I moved to my second secondary school, all slots were filled and it was this one particular friendship group that owned these clubs and so getting involved was next to impossible. So gutted. Especially since none of my new friends were of the sporty types! So everything just stopped. I feel sad everytime I think about it! Sports used to be such a big part of my life and one day everything just dissappeared!And I was good! Genuinely good!

I love the excitement, the adreneline, the team spirit and also the physical endurance involved in being part of a sports team. There’s no hope of anything cropping up during college unfortunately, my college is one very unorganized mess. I have high hopes for universities and these ‘societies’ they have really are influencing me in choosing.

I have been up since 3am and I just could not sleep. Tossing, turning, youtubing, madeinchelsea-ing and then I opened my blinds at 5:30 am and it was such a lovely morning. I looked down at my belly and announced that we were going jogging!

Okay it only lasted half an hour but the fact I got up and decided to do some form of running is a miracle. Bloody running. It was made more enjoyable because the area I went to run has the most amazing architechturally designed houses. They’re absolutely stunning. Very posh and very expensive but beautiful none the less.

Happy times.

#v. old photo used for this article, just came accross it! Hahha



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