Food Particularities.

I have a thing about toast.

I really love the seedy brown bread so it’s very lightly toasted and smothered in chocolate spread. That’s a huuuuge weakness of mine. However, I remember from childhood memoreies that when Mum made jam on toast or anything on toast to be honest, she used to put the spread on and then for the second slice, put the spread on and then slap it on top of the first slice?!?!?!


If you do that then the spread will be on the underside of the piece that’s on top and so when you touch it your fingers will be all sticky and mucky and dirty hands really get on my nips. I feel so annoyed and I hate when you then touch something else, it leaves yet more sticky marks and it’s like a goddamn disease. URGH Also, when others make me toast, why does it always come back to me charred? Like fully black? Especially my boyfriend – although his skills are improving – I didn’t ask for coal on toast.

Also, when actually spread something onto toast, make sure you actually spread it. Hate it when it doesn’t reach the corners. Who wants dry corners?!?!

Another food habit that annoys me is when someone put more cereal in the bowl than milk. What is up with that? Your cereal is going to be way too crunchy on top and then soggy as hell when you get to the bottom because you couldnt save them? You’re trying to tell me you don’t like a load of milks splashed lavishly over those CoCo Pops and then get the generous amount of chocolate milk left over? You’re insane. I love chocolate milk.

Breakfast is seriously my favourite meal of the day. Love cereal, toasts, those little pastries, tea, coffee… even a full English. I always find breakfast more satisfying than dinner or lunch. MMMMM Granolaaaaaaaa.

Talking of full English: DO NOT LET MY TOAST TOUCH THE BAKED BEANS. If I wanted soggy bread I’d bloody ask for it. Why would you go any ruin it like that for me?

Getting emotional out here….



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