Happy Monday !

These past few days have been absolute stress for me.

I’ve been revising my rear end but trying to keep calm at the same time!

Yesterday I started revision at half 12 in the afternoon, had a break for an hour at 4 and then stopped revision at 6. Had dinner, showered, watch a film, read a book and then turned everything off for half ten. I told myself that I wasn’t going to stress myself out over this. If I stress, I’m more likely to forget and so I just took it easy.

This morning over my coffee I went over my notes again just once and then got ready and headed for this exam.

When I got there I genuinely felt like I was going to be sick and I was smiling and laughing like I was okay but inside I was nervous as hell!

We were shown the media clip that we had to analyse and much to my amazement it was David Attenborough’s Frozen Planet! So unexpected! At first I panicked and wrote hardly any notes during the viewings and when writing the answers to the questions, I know I wasn’t doing all that well. I stopped, took a deep breath and went over what I had just written and filled in the paragraphs with asterixes and circled numbers indicating further information on the other page. I padded out all my answers and tried to include as much relevent terminology and theories.

After that first hour and 15 minutes, I moved onto my next question, picked the one of two that made sense, planned and went ahead. I was surpised at how naturally it came to me. To my absolute luck I had written an answer to a similar question as practise the night before. All that praying had done me justice.

After this exam, I went to college for cheap canteen food and coffee and then wandered round a couple of shops, dripping with rain, waiting for 11:45 to hit so I could make my way to my job interview.

When I arrived there were several other people already there and so I thought, “okay, I’m last here but it’s okay, I’m still early!”

I was wrong.

Altogether there was about 15-20 candidates for this job which I found out there were only 2 spots for. I panicked! The group activites they told us to do included coming up with a jingle for the brand, passing a balloon between our legs down a line of people and introducing the person opposiite us. It was very informal and I think the main messsage was to keep smiling, be corny and have fun. So I did!

I was cheerleader Savannah for the hour.

Constantly smiling, laughing and getting involved and along with the people on my table. They were all such lovely people; one I knew from my secondary school and another actually attended the same college as me.

Then the crunch time came. I was crapping myself.

My name was called. Oh yes. He said Savannah.

I felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders! I needed this and wanted this job so badly and I had been praying my heart out!

I then had a one to one interview with the store manager who was really lovely and she said she’d email me in the next few days.

She didn’t say I had the job though but I think there’s a large chance of me getting it.


Such a good day for me so far today. Happy happy happy. Although no one seems bothered of whom I rung which upset me a little. But it’s okay, I’m going to ring Mum later. Mum makes me feel special ;).



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