I’m Back!

The metal cage trapping me has finally been smashed in and thrown in the rubbish.

Exam season is over for me.


I’m not even lying, I was very close to a breakdown and apparently four exams is nothing compared to what others have. Actually I did have a breakdown, just before my English exam; I turned up to my boyfriend’s workplace and started crying my eyes out. Obviously I got no sympathy and him and his boss just looked at me in disgust. Sad times.

Last night I did my little pre-exam ritual of having a hot chcocolate, hot water bottle and a good film followed by an early night. I’d not been feeling to good that evening and I was thankful to stop revising and get tucked up in bed. Slowly but surely, the first few stabs of a headache and the pulls of aching muscles made me wonder if I was coming down with something…

I woke at 12, then at 2 and then was awake until 4 when I gave in to the temptation of paracetamol and dozed off again until my alarm went off at 6. Rough night.

Got up, did some last minute revision and went to the exam. After my 8th page of the answer booklet, I started the final 20 mark question on ‘covert participant observation’ and I was fine writing away but then I stopped, looked back at the question and froze. Have I misread it? Am I writing about the wrong thing? And just like that I had lost my whole train of thought and then there it was again; that damn nagging pain accompanied by the tugs of aching muscles andI just wanted to leave it, go home and sleep.

Obviously I pushed on; I’m not falling at the last hurdle.

Literally so glad there’s no more exams for me to come now. I don’t think I could cope.

Stress has been banished for a couple of months until August: RESULTS DAY.

If I have to retake I think I’ll cry? Having to wait a whole year to retake an exam? WHY DID JANUARY RE-SITS HAVE TO GO??


Treated myself to some chocolate on the way home.


I’ll officially be blogging regualrly now, I have a lot more time to spare thankfully.


Happpyyy. Last week was a good week. Has to be a come down ey! It sucked the life out of me hahaa



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