The Fast and The Furious.

I’ve had such a lovely day today just mulling around; reading, watching tv, getting on my boyyfriend’s nerves and I’ve genuinely enjoyed it!

It’s not often there’s absolutely nothing that has to be done to a deadline and trust me: I’m enjoying it!

I went and saw The Fast and The Furious Six last night and oh boy did it live up to expectations.

I’m going to try and not give too much away but the wayh they link back to previous films throughout really is clever and I was sat there with a massively foolish grin on my face the whole way through! There was always something going on and there were never any slow moments where I wanted it to hurry up.

The action… oh the action ❤

The characters were amazing and as always; beautiful. The men and the women literally make me tingle with excitement just reliving the experience of sitting on the edge of my seat and gazing in awe at the crew I oh so badly wanted to be a part of.

Michelle Rodriguez? Such a girl crush. Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesal of course had me blushing and yearning for them to reach through the screen and pull me in. I love the whole criminal and law enforcement officers working together; to be honest I'm pretty sure that happens in life as it is.

Oh and the music! The music! This soundtrack is downloading right now. Sooooo damn good: also recommended ;).

It was the best £6.40 spent in a long while.

One thing that did pee me off however was BLOODY RITA ORA. I heard rumours they had cut her scene out but when I saw the blonde head pop up out of no where and then that ginormous mouth start moving… HELL NO. Ruined two minutes of footage for me.


I admit it. Yes jealousy is sniffing around here but c'mon now…. Rita?!

If you haven't already seen this then I suggest you run to the cinema right now and perk yo' little ass down.

Me encanta esta película!



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