On My Shower Shelf…


I was in the shower earlier and I realised that I have bought quite a few new beauty buys recently and I thought I’d just give you all the low down on how they’re all treating me!

First off, don’t watch the sponge. It still keeps me clean.

St Ive’s Apricot Scrub is really lovely and I first used it at a friend’s house and I washed my face with it before I went to bed and I really felt invigorated and like the little fruity beads had regenerated my skin! Wonderrfulll. Then I went to go and use it again in the morning and she just looked at me totally dumbfounded like I was stupid and was like “you’re using it again?” At first I was just like… that’s normal right? But then I looked at the directions on the packaging and it said to use it four times a week? Whaaaaaa?! To feel clean and to know I’m scrubbing myself up well I like to wash my face with some sort of scrub or other facial soap morning and night. Unfortunately this doesn’t fulfill my wishes and routines but I still have it there for when I want to give my skin a treat after a day of heavy make up for example; and that’s not every day!

My intensive conditioner had run out and I was previously using Tresemme’s Split End Conditioner but to be honest, I don’t feel as though it really helped? So I decided to move onto this new brand that I found in Superdrug called This One; quite a clever name if you ask me! As I put it on my hair, I realised it wasn’t nearly as thick as my old hair conditioner and so I put on what seemed like tonnes of the stuff, particularly on my ends and eventually I was satisfied and I left it on for around five minutes. When it came to washing it out, I was greeted by the unfamiliar, intense and really lovely smell of what first hit me as bubblegum but then changed to some sort of aromatherapy oil type of thing? It’s hard to describe but it’s very unusual but pleasant none the less! It leave my hair feeling really soft and quite lightweight. However I can’t help but wonder how long it will last me? I have to put a hell of a lot of conditioner on my hair to keep it looking healthy considering its length.

For the last few weeks I have been at war with this little posse of spots on my forehead who have one nasty attitude. Always appearing where no one wants them; especially me. It’s such a pain! I even tried constructing a fringe to try and hide them! Even my Dad was looking at me like “what is happening with you?” and he later turned up and gave me this foam facewash Bjore. I’ve never really used a foam, I’m much more of a scrub kind of person as it feels like I’m really getting to the root of the problem. But then again could this just be irritating them further? Anyway I’ve been using this foam wash for the past week and oh my goodness! What a difference! It’s like some fairy Godmother has turned up and zapped everything away! My blemishes have toned down and spots are being fought off with a vengeance. Happpyyyyyy! Unfortunately, this stuff is sold and bought in Hong Kong but I’m sure you can order it online if you look around a bit? It goes for an equivelent of about £3-4 out there which is pretty average for a face wash and I fully recommend it!

This Radox (Eastern Spirit) shower gel is pretty standard. The smell is lovely once you’re in the shower and it’s all over but once you get out the shower and dry yourself off it pretty much dissappears. I’d like to have a shower gel that stays with you for at least that day, like a perfume. So yep.. standard gel.

So! If you’re having skin problems, seriously, try and find that one online and if you want sweeeeeeeet smelling hair, try that conditioner! Everything here is between £1 and £4: beauty on a budget 😉



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